There are two key elements that I consider essential to developing a successful SEO strategy for any client: communication and transparency. Getting to know your business is essential, and detailed information such as your product, your business model and your target market will be key to developing a successful digital strategy.


I’ll schedule a weekly catch up with you but I'm also available by phone, email and chat. I keep track of all tasks completed in a week and share them with you. This gives you full transparency on the work delivered, also providing you with understanding on why these tasks have been done and their outcomes.


For one-off clients such as agencies looking for support to create a pitch deck, client strategy or a technical audit, I will deliver the document using your power point template and I will follow your presentation style.


If your business is looking for a one-off project, I can help you to put together a strategy and action plan for your in-house team to build on and implement my recommendations. This approach is only recommended for those that have an in-house team that needs additional support or strategic direction.


I can work with your own in-house team to deliver other services that complement SEO such as content or web development. Over the last 10 years I built a network of freelancers in these areas that I have achieved great results with my clients.


After an initial call and once you have approved my quote, I will set up a conference call to discuss your business and goals in more detail.


For one-off projects I will schedule the work usually within 2 weeks after the quote has been approved.


For on-going projects, I will schedule a start date and provide a time line with the tasks to be delivered on a weekly basis. This will be used as a reference but due to the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms and web development timings, flexibility of the activities is a key determinant of success.




The cost to deliver a project depends on the time I need to spend working on your business. The time required depends on a number of factors, for example how competitive the sector is, as well as your current performance and status against your main competitors. I will issue weekly invoices for on-going clients and pre-paid for one-off projects.


If you’d like a free no-obligations quote, simply get in touch and tell me about your project.

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